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Tropicanna Dispensary
SEO Case Study

Growing Flamingo Flock

Tropicanna is a regionally known dispensary and delivery service located in Orange County, California. With the area known for its plentiful competition, Tropicanna made sure to create a memorable brand that customers grew to know and love. With Miami-style bright colors and fun flamingo logo, they built a strong community they call “the Flock”.

When we first connected with them at the end of 2020, we discovered that while they had a loyal customer base, the chance of new customers finding them on Google was slim to none. Over the course of 6 months, our bespoke strategy and ongoing improvements lifted their website and Google Business Profile rankings out of the dead zone and transformed their bottom line. 


for keywords like ‘Weed Dispensary’, ‘Dispensary’ and more on Google Business Profile

Generated an additional


customers in a 90-day period



direction requests in a 90-day period

83% increase in sales over the previous 90-day period

Generated 3.9M map views, 612k search views & 2.35M web impressions in 90 days